Isaiah 61:10 – Verse of the Day 5/6/13

This verse is situated in the midst of Isaiah’s proclamation of the “year of the Lord’s favor” and represents the blessings available for those who repent of their sins. Isaiah looks forward to the end of the exile and the restoration of God’s presence with its attendant blessings. In these verses, Zion, the heavenly city, is personified, and the glorious new clothes described in this verse represent the new condition of the people of God who receive His blessing.

Although our sins have distorted our being in every way, God promises to clothe us with splendor. He promises to make us the adornments of His heavenly city. Spend some time praising God and thanking Him that He not only forgives our sins, but he restores us in such a way that our very being gives Him glory.

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