2 Peter 1:4 – Verse of the Day 5/5/14

2 Peter 1:4 Verse of the Day

Has someone ever promised you something great, but he or she didn’t come through on it? How did it feel? Now flip it around – have you ever made a promise that you didn’t keep? What were the consequences?

One of the most encouraging aspects of the God of the Bible is that He makes a lot of promises and he kept and he keeps every one. Can you imagine how Abraham and Sarah must have felt when God promised they would have a child when they were nearly 100 years old? Can you imagine how Noah must have felt when God promised to save him and his family on the Ark? Can you imagine how Mary must have felt when God promised to her that she would give birth to and raise the savior of the world?

We live in a world of broken promises, but we worship a God who makes many promises and He always keeps them. Spend some time in prayer thanking Him for his faithfulness to His promises. As you consider the promise of this verse, that God promises to give us eternal life – to be eternal beings, just like God – thank God for the gift of an eternal relationship and pray that you would experience encouragement as you remember the hope that you have in Him.

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