2 Timothy 3:16 Verse of the Day 11/21/13

2 Timothy 3:16 Verse of the Day

This well known verse speaks to the inspiration, authority, and use of Scripture. Its context relates to Paul’s instructions to Timothy regarding false teachers. For Paul, the best way to avoid falsehood is to know the truth in the depths of the soul. God’s word is the means God has given us in order that we might know and love the truth.

As you pray, consider that the infinite and holy God who created this entire world loves us enough to reveal himself to us in His word. Pray that the Lord would give you a desire to meditate on his word night and day (Joshua 1:8) in order to know Him more fully and obey Him more thoroughly. Ask the Lord to help you to grow in your understanding of His truth and to worship Him because of it.

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