Philippians 4:5 Verse of the day 11/22/13

Philippians 4:5 Verse of the Day

Paul concludes his letter to the Philippians with a series of exhortations and thanksgivings. The word translated as “reasonableness” in this verse is a multifaceted word in Greek, capable of a variety of meanings and quite nuanced. In this sentence it is used to communicate a sense of generosity in forgiving others. The Lord has drawn near to us in order that we might share his forbearance with others.

As you spend some time in prayer, consider your sin and how great your heavenly Father’s love is for you that He would forgive it through the person and work of Jesus. As you realize the sacrifice that Jesus undertook on your behalf, pray that your gratitude for your forgiveness would lead you to share the same spirit with others. Pray that the Lord would enable you to forgive others as He has forgiven you.

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