6 Big Questions Family Discussion Guide – Clive & Ian’s Wonderblimp of Knowledge

This free family discussion guide is great to use after you watch Clive & Ian answer some big questions about God! Download these 6 questions about the nature of God and His promises to us. Answers included in download.

  • God loves to make things. What are some of you favorite things that God has created? What are some of you favorite things to make from what God has created?
  • What are some ways God has helped you?
  • Read Deuteronomy 31:6 as a family. How does that promise make you feel?
  • The Bible was written by more than 40 people over more than 1600 years! How do we know we can trust what it says?
  • Read Daniel 4:3 together as a family. Pray and thank God for His promise of eternal life!
  • Everyone feels scared sometimes. Are there things you are scared of that you would like to talk about?

Wonderblimp 1 Family Discussion Guide Image

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