7 Big Questions Family Discussion Guide – Clive & Ian’s Wonderblimp of Knowledge 2

Download this discussion guide for your family to use after watching Clive & Ian’s
Wonderblimp of Knowledge Volume 2. These 5 questions will start a discussion about how you can trust the Bible and the many different ways you can show respect to God. Answers included in download.

  • Do you ever feel anxious or scared? Let’s read Isaiah 41:10 together and reflect on God’s big promise to us.
  • The Bible can be a great place to go for comfort and joy. Are there stories or promises in the Bible that you turn to when you need comfort and joy?
  • Everything the Bible teaches is true, but sometimes the authors of the Bible used poetry or word pictures to show us things about God. Can you come up with a short poem or word picture about God?
  • There are so many ways we can show respect to God! Through prayer, praise and listening to His words. Let’s pray to God or praise Him with a song right now.
  • What are some ways you can put your love for God into action this week by helping the people around you?

Wonderblimp 2 Family Discussion Guide Image

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