Acts 17:11 – Verse of the Day 4/4/14

Acts 17:11 Verse of the Day

How do you know what you believe? This is an especially important question when it comes to faith in God. How do you know what to believe about God or how he wants you to live?

The apostle Paul met a lot of different people during his missionary journeys. His desire to share Jesus with others took him from Jerusalem all around the region of the Mediterranean Sea and as far away as Spain. As he traveled, people frequently challenged him by asking about the source of his message. Where did it come from? How did he know it was true?

This verse teaches us that the people of Berea didn’t just believe because Paul said so. They compared what he said to what they read in their scriptures. The Bible teaches us that we are to trust God with a strong faith, but also that we are not to take anything for granted. We need to read our Bibles so that we can recognize the true Christian message when we hear it, just like the Bereans. As you think about this today, pray and ask the Lord to help you love the Bible and to help you to read it regularly so that you can know it well.

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