Matthew 25:21 – Verse of the Day 4/5/14

Matthew 25:21 Verse of the Day

What is your biggest responsibility right now? What would the consequences be if you decided not to carry it out? Imagine the consequences if everyone in the world decided at the same time not to do their jobs, take care of their children, and so on. What would happen?

It’s not just life in general that carries important responsibilities, but life in faith as well, and this verse captures two equally important truths about this in just a couple sentences. First, everything we have, including our responsibilities and even our faith, is a gift from God. Second, we are accountable to God for how we respond to Him. Most problems with our Christian faith arise when we fail to remember one of these two truths.

God promises to give us a new heart capable of serving him, and he promises to reward our faithfulness. Although we do not deserve any of this, God desires to bless us anyway! Spend some time in prayer thanking God for what He has already given you, especially the gift of salvation by grace alone. Ask Him to help you be faithful to live a life for him out of thankfulness for all He has given you.

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