Ecclesiastes 11:8 – Verse of the Day 2/3/15


Sometimes it is tempting to have a very simple view of life. When good things happen we feel good. When bad things happen we feel bad. How we feel is shaped completely by our circumstances. But is this a very wise way to view life?

When we read the wisdom of God given in the book of Ecclesiastes, we get a much more complicated and much better picture. The author of Ecclesiastes teaches us that the person who trusts in God can hope for better things both when life is good and when life is bad. The good things of life should be enjoyed but are just a shadow of the eternal promises of God, and the sufferings of life can be endured because eternal healing is coming. Without this hope in God, everything in life is empty and therefore “vanity,” but with this hope in God we don’t have to let our circumstances have the final word.

Even as Christians, we are frequently tempted to believe that our lives are meaningless and that we have no hope. Spend some time thanking God for the gift of eternal life that makes everything we do worthwhile. Ask God to help you live your life today in light of its eternal significance.

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