2 Chronicles 7:14 – Verse of the Day 2/4/15


Do you have a favorite place that you love to go? Maybe it’s a particular part of the country or another country, or maybe it’s just a favorite room in your house or park in your town. When you think about that place, how would you feel if it were taken away so that you could never go back?

In the Old Testament, the Promised Land was the location of the Temple and God’s special presence with His people. In the New Testament, we learn that one of the main purposes of this earthly land was to point people to their eternal heavenly home in the presence of our risen savior. Whereas the former land could be lost through the disobedience of the people, our eternal home is received by faith alone and can never be lost.

Although we are always tempted to seek earthly blessing, the promises of the Bible consistently point us instead to our eternal inheritance and a better hope. God’s promises are so much better than our meager expectations! As you pray, ask God to give you hope as you long for your heavenly inheritance more than earthly treasures.

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