Isaiah 12:4 – Verse of the Day 11/8/14

Isaiah 12:4 Verse of the Day
If you lived in a country that was about to be taken over by the enemy, would you be very optimistic about it? Obviously we probably wouldn’t be very hopeful in that situation. Yet when Isaiah wrote this book of the Bible the people of God were about to be defeated by the Assyrians and yet the message is full of hope and thanks.

In fact, this verse comes after a long passage that speaks about how God’s people will be judged! In the midst of the judgment, Isaiah calls the people to remember what God has done for them and to praise him in the midst of difficult circumstances. God promised to deliver his people and Isaiah calls the people to remember God’s faithfulness to his promises with thankfulness in their hearts. Here he even calls the people to praise God for his promise of restoration.

Just as God called the people of Judah to praise Him for his work of national restoration, He calls us to praise Him for His work of spiritual restoration. As you consider the fact that God has brought us from death to life through faith in our risen savior, give Him praise and thank Him with a grateful heart for this great work of salvation!

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