Romans 6:23 – Verse of the Day 11/9/14

Romans 6:23 Verse of the Day
Have you ever tried to explain something to somebody who has no idea what you are talking about? Sometimes we are tempted to get lost in the details, but the best way to explain something is usually to put the main ideas into a very simple sentence. Give the main points first and then go into the details.

When it comes to talking about salvation, Paul loved to go into the details! At the same time, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit he also had an amazing ability to summarize huge topics into very simple ideas. This verse is one of those summaries. It not only summarizes the book of Romans, but the main message of the Bible as a whole. The beauty of the Gospel is that we who deserve death have been given the gift of eternal life in fellowship with God!

What a wonderful gift that God has given us through faith and by His grace. As you consider the magnitude of what God has given you by giving you faith in Christ, consider how you might respond to this gift with gratitude, and ask for the strength and willingness to carry out that response.

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