Isaiah 26:4 Verse of the Day 10/30/13

Isaiah 26:4 Verse of the Day

Isaiah 25 and 26 contain a series of songs. In 25:1-8, Isaiah sings of his faith in God, a faith grounded in God’s faithfulness in the past. In 25:9 Isaiah turns his attention to the future, and sings of God’s salvation in the past as a source of confidence and trust for the days to come. This verse continues that theme as Isaiah proclaims that we should “Trust in the Lord forever,” because his character and love are solid as a rock.

God is always faithful and never changes. He is worthy of our trust. As you spend some time in prayer, consider God’s acts of faithfulness in the past. Remember his faithfulness to His promises to save Israel, to provide a Messiah, and to raise Jesus from the dead on our behalf. As you remember God’s faithfulness, ask for the ability to trust Him in the present and in the future so that you will be prepared to face whatever difficulties life may present in a way that honors and pleases Him.

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