John 14:23 Verse of the Day 11/1/13

John 14:23 Verse of the Day
Jesus gave these words of comfort to his disciples as part of his farewell discourse in the upper room before his trial and death (John 14:1-16:33). In 14:15-31, Jesus promised the disciples that He would send His holy Spirit to dwell with them and to lead them into truth. His promise is that as God dwells in them, He will enable them to “obey his teaching” and follow Him.

Allow we typically speak of obedience to commands, Jesus’ statement is even richer than that: we are to obey his teaching. God commands us not only to obey Him, but to believe Him! Fortunately, He not only commands us to do this, but enables us to do it by dwelling in us. Pray that God would give you a new heart that trusts Him entirely, and thank Him for His presence with you enabling you to believe.

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