Isaiah 41:10 – Verse of the Day 9/3/14

Isaiah 41:10 Verse of the Day
Have you ever been in a courtroom or watched a movie where the defense attorney gave a passionate speech in favor of an innocent person? Hearing such a speech makes gives us hope for a fair and just verdict from the judge and jury.

This verse in Isaiah is taken from a portion of the book where Isaiah is speaking as a defense attorney for Israel. In this case, however, Israel is guilty of great sin and, in fact, Isaiah previously spent much of the book recounting Israel’s great sin. The amazing thing about this verse, though, is that even though Israel deserves a guilty verdict and judgment, God steps in and promises to deliver Israel from the consequences of that great sin. It is one thing for the innocent to be delivered, but it is even more amazing that God would undergo so great a sacrifice in order to pardon the guilty!

Isaiah’s central claim is that Israel’s salvation does not depend on its own faithfulness, whether as individuals or as a nation, but rather upon the faithfulness of God. Israel does not need to fear because God is faithful and has promised to clear our verdict, heal our sins, and restore us to Himself. Pray that God would make you truly grateful that he has shown us the same healing mercy offered to Israel through faith in Jesus.

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