Job 22:26 – Verse of the Day 9/4/14

Job 22:26 Verse of the Day
No matter how smart you are, you still make mistakes. Even the wisest person in the world cannot escape this reality. When we speak our words are a mixture of wisdom and foolishness. When we try to judge a situation to know what is right and wrong are judgments are always flawed too.

The book of Job includes a series of speeches by Job/,,’s friends, and these speeches are a mixed bag of wisdom and foolishness as they try to tell Job why he is suffering and what he should do. This verse is in the middle of a speech where one of Job’s friends calls him to repentant of his sin. The friend tells Job that if he calls out to God, God will hear him and respond. Even though a lot of the speech is pretty foolish, the friend’s call to repentance and reminderof God’s faithfulness is full of wisdom.

One of the ironies of the Bible is that Christians are called to lower themselves in order to be lifted up. It is by acknowledging our sins and humbly turning to God in repentance that we are healed and enabled to enter into his presence. As you ask God for forgiveness, consider that this righteous and perfect God has seen fit to forgive you your sins and heal you eternally for the sake of Jesus Christ.

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