Isaiah 44:23 – Verse of the Day 2/22/15

Isaiah 44:23 Verse of the Day

If you have ever been to the beach, you know how loud the earth can be. Even when you put a seashell to your ear, the sound can block out everything outside. It may be hard to imagine what it would be like for the heavens, earth, mountains, forests, and trees, to sing out in praise to God, but when we think about the roar of the ocean it might give us just a small glimpse of how awesome that would be. 

Of course, the main purpose of these words is not to teach us that the mountains will literally sing, but that the whole creation already shows us the might and power of God. We should take hope in God when we look at his power displayed in the creation, just as the prophets told the people of Israel that they should. Isaiah encourages Israel to take hope, for God has promised to restore them from captivity, and we should take hope too, because our sins have been forgiven. Isaiah calls us to shout for joy – along with the whole creation – for God’s redeeming work!

The whole creation praises God for his glorious works of salvation. Add your voice to the chorus and give God thanks for what Jesus has done to fulfill Isaiah’s prophecy!

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