Proverbs 10:28 – Verse of the Day 2/21/15

Proverbs 10:28 Verse of the Day

We know that our words can get us into big trouble, but that does not always stop us from saying dumb things. On the other hand, we know that loving words can work wonders to encourage others, but we frequently are too selfish to offer them. This verse comes from a section of the Proverbs that teaches about wise and foolish speech and the consequences of each. 

One very interesting thing about this verse is that the verses that come right before and after help us to understand the difference between wise and foolish speech, while this verse in the middle talks about the consequences. We should remember that the things we say matter very much, and can even bring joy or cause people to perish. If we remembered that all the time how would it chane the things we say?

While the Proverbs speak often of the power of human words, this discussion points us to the divine Word who took on human flesh, Jesus Christ. Our speech will always be colored by our sin, but the God’s word is perfect and eternal, and in fact it is the means of our salvation. Remember the hope that you have in Christ and ask the Lord to help to you speak wisely.

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