James 1:5 – Verse of the Day 1/28/14

James 1:5 Verse of the Day

More than any other New Testament book, James evokes the Old Testament wisdom tradition.  For James, true wisdom is a gift from God and essential for both right living and right relationships.  Not only does wisdom bring stability (verses 5-8), but God readily gives it to those who ask for it and seek it.  God’s desire is that his people would be wise and live wisely as they grow in the knowledge of Him.

Spend some time in prayer asking the Lord for wisdom.  Ask Him to help you see specific areas of your life where you especially need to become wiser.  Pray that he would use wisdom to help you persevere in your faith, give you stability, and enable you to live well with others.  Most of all, thank God for the fact that He promises to give wisdom to all who ask Him for it.

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