James 5:14-15 – Verse of the Day 9/23/14

James 5:14-15 Verse of the Day
Which do you naturally think is worse, a deathly illness or sin? The natural tendency for most people is to think that sickness and death are much worse problems. What about the Bible?

This verse is a good example of the fact that the Bible takes both sin and sickness seriously. Both are problems and God is in control of both as well. Here we are reminded that, as in all things, we should trust in God and pray when we are sick. James does not promise that the sick will recover in this life, though. Notice that God’s answer to prayer in such situations is “to raise him up” and “forgive.” We may die in this life, but we should not worry because we are promised eternal life through faith in Christ. This is a good and solid hope, much better than a cure which cannot make us live forever.

Praise God for the gift of eternal life and salvation. Thank Him for his mercy in forgiving you. Ask Him for the faith to trust Him and allow your eternal hope to help you live with faith and trust when you experience sickness and trials in this life.

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