Luke 5:23 – Verse of the Day 9/24/14

Luke 5:23 Verse of the Day
Which do you think is a more serious problem, sin or sickness? Our natural tendency is to think that sickness is much worse, because it is easier for us to “see” it. If you visit a hospital people’s problems are usually pretty obvious, but it’s usually a lot harder to see the problems that sin causes.

In this verse, Jesus’ audience did not believe he had the ability or the authority to forgive sin, and so he performed this miracle in order to demonstrate that he did. Jesus knew that the man’s sin was his deeper problem, but he healed him as well in order that his audience might believe that he really had the power to do what he said.

Jesus promises to forgive us from the sin that deserves eternal death. Instead of the death we deserve he has given us eternal life. Praise God for such a wonderful gift, and thank Him for the wonderful gift of forgiveness that He has given us through faith in Jesus.

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