Jeremiah 15:16 – Verse of the Day 5/22/14

Jeremiah 15:16 Verse of the Day

Sometimes nutritionists tell us that “we are what we eat.” Therefore, the person who only eats corndogs probably will not be as healthy as the person who eats a more balanced diet. We might not always love eating our vegetables, but life without them would make us feel pretty lousy.

Interestingly, the biblical prophets adopt this word picture when they talk about our need for the Bible. We need the life giving words of Scripture, and so the prophet Jeremiah tells us to eat them! Of course, he doesn’t mean we should literally eat a Bible. The point is that we need to devour what it says in order to have a healthy spiritual life. This verse lies in the middle of Jeremiah’s plea for God to hear him and respond to his mistreatment. God’s word is a sweet delight in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Think about where you go when you need comfort. What do you turn to? Jeremiah says to rely on God’s Word for encouragement. God is ever-present, and we can turn to Him for all things! Spend some time in prayer, praising God for the gift of His Word.

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