James 5:16 – Verse of the Day 5/23/14

James 5:16 Verse of the Day

This verse is one of many in the Bible telling us that the ordinary way that Christians find encouragement comes through meeting with other Christians. Do you allow other Christians in your life to know you really well? Do you allow them to see who you really are? Do they know your strengths and weaknesses?

As you think about these questions, consider your attitude towards church. Do you see church as a set of events or programs to attend? Or do you see church as a commitment to walk and worship with other Christians? How does this affect how you think about confession and prayer?

James calls us to encourage one another by living in unity through the power of heartfelt and genuine confession and prayer with other Christians. As these verses lead you to pray as an individual, think about how they might also call you to pray as a member of the body of Christ. Ask God to give you the desire for the messy and difficult work of Christian unity, and thank him for the fact that the Christian journey is not designed to be a lonely one.

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