Job 22:26 – Verse of the Day 5/24/13

The book of Job includes a series of speeches by Job’s friends, and these speeches are a mixed bag of wisdom and folly. This verse is in the middle of Job’s friend Eliphaz’s speech calling Job to repentance. Eliphaz tells Job that if he calls out to God, that God will hear him and respond. Eliphaz’s folly included an entirely mistaken assessment of Job’s spiritual situation, but his call to repentance and his recital of God’s faithfulness is full of wisdom.

One of the ironies of the Bible is that Christians are called to lower themselves in order to be lifted up. It is by acknowledging our sins and humbly turning to God in repentance that we are able to delight in Him and enter into his presence. Spend some time in prayer acknowledging your sins before the holy and living God. As you ask for forgiveness, consider that this righteous and perfect God has seen sit to forgive you your sins for the sake of Jesus Christ.

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