John 11:25 – Verse of the Day 1/21/14

John 11:25 Verse of the Day

Jesus offered these words of comfort to Martha just before he raised her beloved brother, Lazarus, from the dead.  This is the final act of the first half of John’s Gospel. Just as the first half of John’s Gospel ended with a resurrection, so does the second half.  Of course, this time, it is Jesus himself who was raised from the dead. This triumphant theme of resurrection to new life pervades the Gospel and is a message of encouragement to us as well.

Whoever believes in Jesus will never truly die. In fact, through our earthly death we receive eternal life because of Jesus’ victory over death and the grace.  Praise the Lord for what He has done. Rejoice that you have nothing to fear, for God has defeated even death itself and nothing can separate you from His eternal love.

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