John 5:24 – Verse of the Day 3/11/13


John 5 records a confrontation between Jesus and the Jews over the issues of his observance of the Sabbath and his relationship with God. Jesus justifies his Sabbath practices by appealing to his divine nature, and he argues that if the Jews recognized him for who he truly was – God incarnate – they would not object to his actions. Whoever truly recognizes the Son knows the Father, and whoever denies the Son likewise denies the Father. As a result, the one who truly sees and believes in Jesus enters into a relationship with God and receives the gift of eternal life.

Does your faith in Jesus lead you to believe God’s Word? Are you grateful for the promise that those who have faith in Jesus receive both the forgiveness of sin and eternal life? Spend some time thanking God for these gifts, and reflecting on ways in which He might be calling you to respond out of gratitude by listening more faithfully to the teaching of the Bible.

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