Proverbs 22:6 – Verse of the Day 3/12/13


This Proverb is situated in the midst of a series of teachings for young people that connect wealth and moral instruction. God’s sovereignty over all things, including wealth, is at the center of these verses. Therefore, rather than serving primarily as a promise to parents, if this verse is read in its context it is probably better understood as a reminder for young people themselves not to forget the teachings with which they were raised. Nevertheless it can easily serve as a reminder for all who trust in Christ to remember and be grateful for their Christian training.

As this verse leads you to pray, allow it to simultaneously lead you to be grateful for the Christian nurturing that God has already given you and also to give you a desire to grow more deeply. Pray that God would continue to teach you each day in order that you will be prepared to face life’s inevitable trials.

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