Matthew 7:7 – Verse of the Week 5/10/14

Matthew 7:7 Verse of the Day

If you could have anything you asked for, what would it be? Now think for a little bit about whether it would really be good for you to have that thing. Would it help you to rely on God more? Or, would it tempt you to rely on God less?

In this verse, Jesus is not teaching us that God will give us any old thing that we ask for, whether it would really be good for us or not. Instead, he is teaching us that if we are really seeking God, then the things we ask Him for will be things that really will be good for us, and that God loves to give us those things. Jesus encourages us to remember that when we are truly seeking God, he truly gives us whatever we want. On the other hand, when we are disobedient, sometimes God gives us the opposite of what we want.

Spend some time in prayer boldly asking God to give you the gifts of Christian maturity (like wisdom, humility, purity, sincerity, and righteousness) so that you might be a blessing to others. Consider areas of your life where you fall short of God’s standard for theses character traits and ask for forgiveness where necessary. As you repent, revel in God’s twofold promise of forgiveness and development of Christian maturity.

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