Philemon 1:7 – Verse of the Day 5/25/14

Philemon 1:7 Verse of the Day

The call to love and comfort one another is central to the Christian life. Paul frequently opened his letters by expressing the encouragement he received from his brothers and sisters in Christ. Spend some time thinking about Christians who have been especially encouraging to you in your own Christian walk. What qualities in their life and actions have made them such an encouragement to you?

Now spend some time thinking about your other relationships with other Christians. Based on the gifts that God has given you, how might you be able to be an encouragement to others in your life? How can you learn from the example of the Christians that have made such a difference in your life?

Just as Paul praised and thanked God for the spirit of faithfulness given to Philemon, so we are called to be a source of praise and thanksgiving to others. Spend some time in prayer considering the areas of life in which your faithfulness to God might be a source of encouragement to other Christians. Thank God for the gift of salvation that has enabled you to respond in such a meaningful way!

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