Colossians 1:11 – Verse of the Day 5/24/14

Colossians 1:11 Verse of the Day

When are you most likely to think about God? Are you more likely to pray when things are going well or poorly? When you feel equipped to deal with life or when you feel unprepared?

In Colossians Paul deals with both truth and falsehood. For Paul, the most dangerous times in our life come when we think we have it all together and we let our defenses down. Therefore, we not only need God when it is obvious, but even when we think we have our bases covered. Paul calls us to rely on God all the time, not just when we are struggling.

God is the source of all our strength as Christians. We are often tempted to rely on ourselves and to forget that God is always with us in all circumstances, and so Paul’s reminder to rely upon God for our endurance and patience is an important encouragement. Spend some time in prayer thanking Him for the power that comes through his presence, and ask Him to help us to be mindful of His presence with u

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