Proverbs 20:22 – Verse of the Day 9/8/13


This verse lies in the middle of a series of Proverbs that deal with trust in the Lord.  Verses 20-21 introduce the section, and this verse initiates its body.  It is not necessary to seek revenge, because the Lord is both just (verse 23) and sovereign (verse 24).  The conclusion of the section emphasizes that punishment for the wicked belongs to God (verses 26-28).

Do you trust the Lord to make all things right?  As you pray, consider whether you harbor any bitterness or resentment that causes you to long for revenge.  Ask the Lord to help you trust that he will ultimately judge wickedness and make restitution for all that is wrong.  Ask for the ability to forgive others as the Lord has forgiven you.  Praise the Lord, because He is a righteous and trustworthy judge.


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