Proverbs 29:25 – Verse of the Day 7/11/14

Proverbs 29:25 Verse of the Day

Have you ever trusted somebody with something very important, only to have your trust broken in a very hurtful way? Why does it hurt so much to be betrayed this way? Can you see why the Proverbs consistently call us to place our trust in God and His truth?

This verse comes in the midst of a section of proverbs that teach us about this kind of trust. The chapter from which this verse is taken calls us to be trustworthy in both private and public. It also warns us that the easiest way to fail to be trustworthy is to follow others who are untrustworthy. The proverbs teach us that evildoers may often look attractive, but their attractive outside hides a corrupt and destructive inside. God calls us to be wise to know the difference good and evil, and to take the time to look below the surface in order to do so. A trustworthy character requires patient and careful discernment.

In what or whom is your trust? Are you patient enough to spend the time to discern between superficial and true goodness? Spend some time in prayer asking God to help you to trust him before all other things that look good at first glance. Ask the Lord for help in these areas.

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