Psalm 62:8 – Verse of the Day 7/12/14

Psalm 62:8 Verse of the Day

When are you most likely to forget God? For some people, it is hardest to remember God when times are good. When everything is going well it seems like we don’t need Him. For others, it is hardest to remember God when times are tough. When life is falling apart it is tempting to think that He has forgotten us.

This verse calls us to a steady trust in God. When David was tempted to forget God he reminded himself that trust in the Lord leads to rest for the soul. When times are good we are tempted to find our rest in the good things that happen to us. When times are hard we are tempted to think that we will never find rest. David calls us to trust the Lord at all times, to pour out our hearts to God, and to take refuge in Him because we know He hears us.

Spend some time pouring out your heart to the Lord. Pray out loud, and list the areas of your life where you feel impatient with God’s plan. Ask the Lord to help you to trust Him in those areas as well as when times are good, and thank Him that he not only saves us by faith, but provides a refuge for us in the midst of our present troubles.

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