Psalm 103:6 – Verse of the Day 7/13/14

Psalm 103:6 Verse of the Day

One of the most difficult things about applying the Bible is remembering that the promises of the Bible were not only for God’s people a long time ago, but also for us today. Can you think of a promise in the Bible that you have a hard time believing belongs to you?

This verse comes from a Psalm that thanks the Lord for his faithfulness to His promises. The psalmist thanks God both for His promises to all His people and also for the personal experience of those promises in his own life. This verse is important because it forms the connection between the general promises of God and the personal promises of God. Basically the psalmist reminds us that God’s promises are for all His people, and that includes me.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that the general promises of God apply to us personally when we do not experience their fulfillment in our present circumstances. Spend some time in prayer considering God’s faithfulness to his promises, both in the Bible and in your own past. As you consider God’s faithfulness in the past, ask Him to help you to patiently trust Him in the future. Most of all, praise God for all He has done for us.

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