Psalm 103:8 – Verse of the Day 7/30/14

Psalm 103:8 Verse of the Day

Can you remember the last time you were really, really angry? What kinds of things cause you to lose your temper?

The Bible teaches us that sin is the thing that God hates most. When you stop and think about how often we sin, it truly is amazing that God loves us enough not only to forgive our sin but that the Son of God would take our place on the cross in order to accomplish that forgiveness. Jesus sacrificed his own life in order to pay the price for when we do the very things that God hates most. The author of this verse realized this, and so he worshipped God and praised Him for His great mercy, patience, and love.

As you pray, consider these same things: God’s great mercy, patience, and love. Call to mind specific instances where you have required God’s forgiveness, and thank God for his infinite patience and the sacrifice of Christ on our behalf. Worship the Lord who has redeemed us and made us His people.

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