Psalm 130:7 – Verse of the Day 7/29/14

Psalm 130:7 Verse of the Day

Can you think of a mistake that you make all the time? Maybe there is a specific sin that regularly tempts you. How do you think it makes others around you feel when you consistently do the same thing wrong?  

Now think for just a few minutes about how hurtful it is to our infinitely perfect God when we sin against Him. It is hard to appreciate the patience and mercy of God unless you first appreciate how great our sin is and that Jesus paid the price for all of it on the cross. In this verse the psalmist laments his sin and wonders how a holy God can respond so patiently to such a sinful people. Although we keep falling into sin, the love of the Lord is steadfast, and we know that God loves us because of the redemption that Jesus made by enduring the cross.

Spend some time in prayer considering the magnitude of the Lord’s forgiveness. Imagine for a moment the sin of all God’s people resting on Jesus, and consider the patience and love of the God who has redeemed you. Give God thanks and praise for the wonderful gift of forgiveness for sin and fellowship with Himself, the God who is love itself.

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