Psalm 108:3 – Verse of the Day 11/12/14

Psalm 108:3 Verse of the Day
Is it more important to be true to yourself or to be loyal to your family, friends, or some other group? Most people, when they think about it, realize that both are important, although we all probably tend one way or the other. The Bible really seems to capture both halves of this equation really well.

Psalm 108 is very interesting because it is a combination of portions from Psalms 57 (a song of individual complaint) and 60 (a song of communal complaint). The result is a Psalm that includes elements of both individual and corporate lament. The common thread between both Psalms is that each concludes with an expression of trust in God. As we cry out as individuals and as a body to God, this should lead us to trust that He hears our cry and responds according to our needs.

As you read this verse of thanksgiving, spend some time before the Lord crying out according to your needs. As you present your needs to God, pray that he would encourage you through the body of Christ, and pray also that you would trust Him to provide. Give God thanks that He has promised to hear our prayers and respond to them.

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