Colossians 3:16 – Verse of the Day 11/11/14

Colossians 3:16 Verse of the Day
Have you ever noticed how some people tend to be “thinking” people and some people tend to be “feelings” people? Some people have a tendency to lead with their heads, while other people have a tendency to think with their hearts. How does this reality affect our lives as Christians?

The interesting thing about the Bible is that it treats both the head and the heart as central to worship. This verse comes at the very end of a long list of instructions about how to live as a Christian, and here Paul makes it clear that it is impossible to separate the head from the heart if you want to honor God. On the one hand, the word of Christ is front and center and the source of Christian teaching and admonishment. On the other hand, as the word leads us to worship, we are to do so with gratitude in our hearts.

As you read God’s word, allow it to dwell in you richly, leading you to worship Him with joy and thankfulness in your heart. Pray that the Lord would provide you with opportunities to be taught and to teach others what you are learning from the Word of God. Most of all, pray that you would share the Bible’s dual emphasis on head and heart, so that you can avoid the ever-present temptation to focus on one or the other.

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