Psalm 119:133 – Verse of the Day 2/18/14

Psalm 119:133 Verse of the Day

Psalm 119 is located in the 17th stanza of the longest psalm in the Bible. Psalm 119 is a song about wisdom, truth, and God’s Law, and in this stanza the psalmist expresses his love for the Law of God and mourns those who ignore it. God’s Law leads to life and disobedience leads to death, and here the psalmist pleads with God to guide his steps according to the path that leads to life.

Although God has demonstrated His love for us through the life and death of Jesus for us, we still struggle to trust Him. Sin is superficially attractive, and it is often much easier to choose a path other than God’s. Yet God has called us not only to save us from our sin, but also to save us for life with Him. As you pray, thank God for the forgiveness that you have received through faith, and ask the Lord to give you the psalmist’s love for God’s truth and the life that comes from living in accordance with it.

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