Psalm 18:2 – Verse of the Day 2/20/15

Psalm 18:2 Verse of the Day

Have you ever visited a castle or a fortress that seemed huge and forbidding? Some are so big that it is impossible to imagine an enemy defeating it. At the same time, it is amazing to watch how even the strongest fortress cannot stand against the forces of time. Walls eventually crumble and many former castles are ruins today and useful only as tourist attractions.

This psalm is a song of thanksgiving that David wrote to give thanks for God’s power and protection. Like many of the Psalms, it uses military imagery like “fortress,” “shield,” and “protection” to paint a picture of God’s power and care for his people. This verse summarizes the psalm’s central theme that God is stronger than any fortress or rock and he will protect his people for eternity.

To whom do you turn when life is difficult? Do you believe the Lord is always in control of all circumstances? As you pray, give thanks for the Lord’s constant protection and praise him for his awesome power. Thank him for the hope of your salvation.

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