Psalm 19:8 Verse of the Day 10/11/13

Psalm 19:8 Verse of the Day
Like its more well known cousin, Psalm 119, Psalm 19 extols the Law of God. In the Old Testament, the Law of God and the Word of God are used more or less synonymously. Interestingly, the Psalms are divided into five “books,” and these two Psalms form the center points of the first and last books. In the hymnal of the Old Testament, God’s truth was front and center, and it was a source of praise and thanksgiving for God’s people.

Spend some time thanking God for the gift of His word. Pray that you would believe in your heart that His precepts are right, that His commandments are pure, and that they enlighten our eyes. Ask God for the willingness to believe Him in a day and age where there is increasing pressure to look to other sources for our core beliefs. Most of all, rejoice that the God who created us has made Himself known to us.

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