Revelation 22:20 Verse of the Day 10/12/13

Revelation 22:20 Verse of the Day
This is the Bible’s penultimate verse. John wrote the book of Revelation to Christians who were suffering from persecution, and these life giving words were intended to give them hope in the midst of their suffering. Likewise, as we anticipate the second coming of Christ, we too should take comfort in our future hope.

The Lord is coming again to make all things right and to give us eternal fellowship with Him in heaven. Praise God and thank Him for this hope. Ask the Lord to help you to trust Him when you suffer for His sake. If you are presently suffering, ask the Lord for a supernatural ability to trust in Him; if you are not presently suffering, ask the Lord to prepare you and strengthen you for the suffering that will inevitably come in the future. Pray that you will always remember the Lord’s promise to be with us and not to forsake us.

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