Psalm 30:11 – Verse of the Day 2/17/15

Psalm 30:11 Verse of the Day

“Then I will do it myself” is the chorus of a famous children’s story, and we live in a time that teaches us that being independent is the best way to live. We do not want to need anybody. We want to be able to count on ourselves.

On the contrary, this verse is from a psalm that talks about the dangers of counting on ourselves when it comes to defeating sin and receiving salvation. Self-reliance leads to destruction, because we could never be good enough, but reliance upon God leads to eternal thanksgiving. This verse comes at the end of the psalm and leads to an outburst of praise and thanksgiving for what God has done. Reliance upon God turns the mourner’s lament into a song of praise and even dancing for joy.

When trouble comes, do you rely upon yourself or upon God, and what are the consequences? We may look many places for comfort, but God promises that the only true comfort can come from Him. Spend some time thanking Him for His promise to make all things right, that all of our present mourning will one day be turned into rejoicing.

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