Psalm 43:4 – Verse of the Day 2/16/15

Psalm 43:4 Verse of the Day

Can you imagine how it would feel if you were declared guilty for a crime you did not commit? It would be a hard thing to go to jail even though you were innocent. Now consider the fact that the Bible says that we are forgiven for our sins even though we are guilty. We are given eternal life when we deserve eternal death. How should we feel about that?

This verse is from a song of lament. The writer uses imagery of a courtroom as he pleads his case before God. He asks God to defeat his enemies, but he also recognizes that only the sacrifice of God can truly give us joy and hope. In the next verse he goes on to remind himself not to be downcast but rather to put his hope in the God who has forgiven and saved him. Our hope should be the same as his, and even more so because we live after Jesus and know how much God has sacrificed in order to give us eternal life.

Spend some time in prayer, reflecting on the wonder of Christ’s sacrifice for you. Is your soul downcast? Are you tempted to despair? Remember the eternal hope that you have as a result of the forgiveness of your sins and take comfort that God knows you and loves you.

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