Psalm 37:4 – Verse of the Day 1/8/15

Psalm 37:4 Verse of the Day
Do you enjoy making wish lists? When you think about the things that you want most, what ends up on your list? Do you ever consider how your faith in Jesus ought to shape what you want most?

Psalm 37 is a song of wisdom that reflects on the blessings of the Promised Land it asks a hard question. Do you want heavenly blessings as much as you want earthly blessings? God calls the people to see that the earthly blessings are merely a sign of better eternal blessings in heaven. God wants us to see that the best gift we could receive is eternal life with Him and to trust that we will certainly receive that gift if we place our faith in Him.

One of the paradoxes of the Bible is that we are never satisfied when we pursue our own desires but only when we pursue God. When we pursue God we find both Him and satisfaction. When we pursue satisfaction apart from God we don’t get either. As you pray, ask God to help you to find your delight in Him in order that you might find true joy.

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