Psalm 149:2 – Verse of the Day 1/7/15

Psalm 149:2 Verse of the Day
When you think of political leaders what is the first thing that comes to mind? Unfortunately for us, our experience often leads us to think of the dark side of politics: scandals, selfishness, and bad leadership. We long for the day when we will be led well by leaders who are willing to make sacrifices for our good.

The people of Israel were no different. They had good kings here and there, but most of them were not very good at all. As a result, the people of Israel were able to look to God as the one true and eternal king, and this song is about that longing. Like the people of Israel, we frequently experience our faith as a struggle or battle between the forces of Satan and God. The psalmist reminds us that the outcome of this struggle is not in doubt, and he calls us to praise God for the certainty of His victory.

God promises to make His victory ours as well. As you pray, consider a few areas in life where you are tempted to doubt that God is in control. Ask God to give you peace as he helps you trust him in those areas as well, and give Him praise that he is King over all things!

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