Psalm 70:4 – Verse of the Day 1/6/15

Psalm 70:4 Verse of the Day
Have you ever known someone you could count on to be there for you no matter what? Some of us are lucky enough to have a friend like that, or maybe a family member too. That kind of faithfulness gives us a small picture of who God is and how He cares for us. The Bible teaches us that God is always faithful to us in every way, even when we can’t see Him or understand why hard things happen to us.

This psalm captures this theme of faithfulness, a theme that is so common in the Bible and everywhere in the Psalms. The psalmist knows and understands this faithfulness of God in the core of his being. He knows that whatever happens, God will be faithful to His promises to save. The joy of such a thought is something the psalmist can’t keep to himself! This psalm expresses the hope that others would experience his same joy when they come to know the faithfulness of God.

It is simple to say that we should rejoice and be glad in God, but our hearts do not always respond this way. Spend some time consciously rejoicing because of God’s faithfulness to save you. Regardless of whether you feel happy at this moment in time, ask God to make you glad in Him!

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