Psalm 71:23 – Verse of the Day 1/4/15

Psalm 71:23 Verse of the Day
Can you imagine how it would feel to come to the end of our life if you did not have the hope of salvation? Can you imagine how you would feel to be close to death and without a hope of anything else? If you can imagine how that would feel, you can appreciate what this psalm has to say so much more.

That is because this psalm is the song of an old man you cries out in the midst of persecution. Even though he is suffering, he trusts the Lord to protect him because he knows God has been faithful to him in the past. In fact, this verse is one of pure and total joy. Even in the midst of persecution the Psalmist cannot help but praise God in joy for what He has done to save him.

The consistent teaching of the Bible is that our present circumstances should not define who we are or how we feel. Instead, we are to be joyful in all things. Joy is not the same thing as mere happiness or pleasure, but rather the feeling that comes from trusting in the God who has redeemed us. We have received the gift of eternal life with God in heaven! Spend some time in prayer praising God and joyfully remembering the hope we have that one day all things will be made right by our Savior.

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