Psalm 97:12 – Verse of the Day 1/3/15

Psalm 97:12 Verse of the Day
In many ancient cultures the crowning of a new king was a reason for great celebration and rejoicing. If the king was a good one, the people continued to be thankful. On the other hand, when the king turned out to be an evil tyrant, you can imagine how people would have longed for a replacement.

This psalm is buried in the middle of a series of psalms that call us to worship God as our King. This one in particular calls all the earth to recognize God as a loving ruler. It describes him as a mighty warrior and a righteous judge. It calls us as the people of God to rejoice because we are well cared for. This king is holy and he gives us the gift of holiness. We should respond to Him with joy!

We are tempted to make many things the “king” of our lives, but God calls us to recognize that He alone is the one true King and to rejoice that he cares for us. Spend some time giving God the praise He is due as the one true King, and ask Him to help you to follow Him when you are distracted by the many things in life that cannot satisfy the soul like He can.

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