Romans 10:10 – Verse of the Day 4/6/14

Romans 10:10 Verse of the Day

Is there anything you do in private that you would be embarrassed to do in public? This is not all bad. Imagine a world where everybody wore his or her pajamas to work. At first this might seem great, but I think you can see where this might lead to problems too!

On the other hand, while some things private should stay that way, this is not true when it comes to our faith in Jesus. This verse teaches us loudly and clearly that our faith is both private and public. We are to believe in our hearts, but we are also called to confess with our mouths.

When we make it public to other people that we believe in Jesus, it means that our actions matter. What we say and do reflects not only on us, but on Jesus and our churches. We say we believe in Jesus, and people want to know if this makes a difference in our lives. As you pray, first thank God for saving us from our sin in spite of the fact that we do not deserve it. Then think about whether your friends and the people who know you can see by your actions that you really do believe that Jesus is Lord. If you really believe, is there any part of your life that needs to change?

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